Online Go Tournament

From the 13th June until 14th June 2020 takes places in:



Go-Server: KGS


Room: Corona-Peep




Info about the registration

Advance booking till the 11.06.2020:
Charge:  5€
After registration you will receive an email with the payment details.
The money needs to be credited to the account by the following date: 12th June at 22:00

Info about the tournament

5 rounds of the Mac-Mahon system
Reflexion period: 60 minutes
15 stones in 5 minutes unchanged (canadian byo-yomi)
6,5 Komi

Order criteria: MM, SOS, SOSOS, mutual game

The tournament will not be rated

The tournament results will not be sent to the EGD.




11:00 - 1st round (UTC+2)
15:00 - 2nd round (UTC+2)
19:00 - 3rd round (UTC+2)

10:00 - 4th round (UTC+2)
14:00 - 5th round (UTC+2)